Assessing Small Businesses with Big Potential


BMG Software for Immigrant and Local Investors

Immigrants who are about to or have recently moved to Canada and who are required to invest in, partner in, or acquire a business can find value in using the BMG software. The software will help in their due diligence assessment of a target business. By inputting quantified information obtained from the target business or from multiple targeted businesses into the BMG software, the information will be crunched in financial, operational, efficiency and effectiveness ratios and displayed through gauges that show the health of each business. The BMG software also makes comparisons between businesses, allowing users to make better and informed decisions on whether or not a business is healthy enough and worth pursuing further. 

The Investor can take these indicating results as a bridge to a full and comprehensive due diligence study that may need to be conducted to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the target business. It allows investors to be aware of areas for improvement that can best sustain the business and mitigate its potential risks.

The BMG Software presents its output using colour-coded gauges. This pioneer approach surpasses complicated financial and operational terminologies and jargons that can make the  process of understanding the Canadian business market challenging. 

When investors use this software to help with their generic due diligence assessment of a small business,  they are given access to coloured gauge results that gives them a snapshot of the healthiness of their target business. This way, users can see where they can make the greatest sustainable impact within the desired local business community.

BMG Software for Buyers

The BMG software is a practical tool for buyers with backgrounds that fall outside of  financial or operational efficiency and who are looking to systematically assess one or multiple small businesses and choose the best desired option for acquisition or investment. This is because the software allows interested buyers to input information from several businesses at the same time and assess each one  spherically and independently  from a 360-degree angle. 

Needless to mention, investors seeking these initial informative conclusions would traditionally require the assistance of accountants or consultants with holistic business skills that are beyond pure accounting, auditing and/or financial analysis.  The buyer or investor would appoint the firm for a time consuming and money consuming process. However, the BMG software allows users to apply and receive these results immediately, wherever they are whenever they want. Users also have the option to purchase the software with varying levels of detail. 

With the current pandemic situation, it is impossible to meet with multiple accountants and consultants in person to receive an initial assessment. BMG software allows you to eliminate the need for multiple meetings with consultants before a buyer has even decided if a business is worth pursuing further assessment and then valuation.

BMG Software for Sellers

An individual looking to sell a business may choose to focus more closely on marketing their business to interested buyers. BMG software can assist with the marketing process by helping sellers build initial contact with potential buyers. The BMG software can be used to gauge the strengths and areas for growth within a business, indicating to buyers specifically why investing or acquiring the business could be valuable.  This can help provide transparency when communicating colored gauged indications of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business for sale.

Sellers also have the option to contact us at BMG and place an advertisement on the BMG website for a period of time to help market their business to potential buyers or investors who visit our site.

BMG Software for Personal Business

Business owners who are interested in researching areas for improvement within their own business can also find value in this tool to show them trends apparent in their ratios. Using BMG software to assess the current standing of a business can expose areas where management can best make an impact. The tool can help with identifying key weaknesses, showing the business owner through the colour-coded gauges where exactly they can input reserve capital to improve the health of the business.

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