Assessing Small Businesses with Big Potential


Our mission is to provide a digital tool that helps investors, buyers, and sellers assess the viability of acquiring or partnering in a business. Since our establishment in 2011, Business Monitor Group (BMG) has existed as a company, providing the local market with managing and consulting services. We strive to provide focused due professional care to potential investors and entrepreneurs in small enterprises (valued at two million dollars or less) by facilitating their due diligence and other conclusive assessments before seeking a final financial valuation from certified experts. We also offer a full set of management consulting services to support a continuous performance improvement.

This software was developed to mitigate investment risks and other challenges that often come when looking to invest in or expand a business. While the world continues to change and thrive through technological and digital services, we feel that the consulting industry must also adapt to accommodate these changes. Through providing a digital software for initial business assessments, you can reduce risks, save time, and be cost-efficient when researching businesses.

Today’s business environment is incredibly complex, ever-changing and difficult to navigate without the occasional need for a seasoned professional or even an experienced team by your side.  BMG is well-equipped to offer the highest quality services across the diverse spectrum of business needs.

Whether you are actively growing your business, trying to raise funds for a new venture, construct an exit strategy, obtain financing, or simply bring your business to a higher level, the professionals at The Business Monitor Group - BMG are here to assist you.

Our Consultation Services include:

- Internal Audit (Financial, Operational and IT)
- Performance Measurement and Management, KPIs, KEIs, Benchmarks and Balance Score Card

Change and Institutionalizing
- Change and Transformation Management
- Strategic Management & Strategic Planning
- Due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizational Development
- Restructuring, Statement of Functions & Job Description
- Policies and Procedures Development and update
- Financial and Non-Financial Delegation of Authority matrices
- EFQM Excellence Journey 

Training & Coaching
- Training, Capacity Building and Leadership Empowerment



A Hunter with a thirst for Progressive Business Opportunities
Dali has experience within the International Public Accounting Firm, Major Oil and Gas Company, Public Sector, Agricultural Sector and General Businesses Private Sector. A focussed audit approach has sharpened his diagnostic and mitigation skills in Risk Identification, and Assessment and Recommendation. This has enhanced the overall Internal Controls Systems within cost benefit and efficient business environment. 

Dali is known for carrying a client-focused attitude. Possessing interpersonal, facilitation and influential skills, he has a proven ability to present complex concepts and negotiate buy-in solutions with all levels of stakeholders in management and business units. 

Dali possesses four international linguistic capabilities, including English, Arabic, German and French. He is a mentor with the ability to coach performance, ensuring that clients can fully optimize their own skills to harness an active succession plan. Much of his experience is transferable to any organizational setting and environment.

Perhaps most importantly to the inspiration for the development of BMG software, Dali’s own experience immigrating to Canada made him aware of the lack of organization and systemic approaches to receiving business assessments. He wanted to develop a software that allowed all people to approach assessments systematically, holistically and simply.


Driven P.M Leadership that balances Business & Technology with Excellent Execution

An accomplished Senior Project Leader with a rich background in EDI/B2B and Enterprise Systems, boasting more than two decades of dedicated expertise in driving continuous improvement initiatives within the realm of substantial IT projects. My extensive experience extends across a broad spectrum of large-scale IT projects and an unwavering commitment to superior account management, all aimed at fostering competitive advantage.


Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my proficiency in leading critical projects for prominent corporations across diverse sectors, including Pharmaceutical, Banking/Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, and more. What sets me apart is my ability to orchestrate end-to-end enterprise projects, from their conceptualization to successful launch.


I take pride in my role as a leader who not only sets the bar high but also inspires and empowers my team to surpass increasingly ambitious objectives. Central to my approach is a deep commitment to accountability. I am adept at selecting and assigning project management teams and allocating the necessary resources to ensure the successful execution of each endeavor.

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